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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

I complain because some very² important things are not working, let's be selfish for a while:

I have been looking for a cool laptop for a long time, and finally bought a laptop with a 9600m gt with gddr3, this is a cool graphic card, powerful and no that expensive.
My problem is the powermizer thing, never reaching high levels. So i bought my laptop a little bit more expansive than others, i guess because of the gddr3 gc, and finally it's working like a 5 years old graphic card.

Before saying "stop complain blabla", look at the priorities:
Isn't fixing powermizer thing more important than developing vdpau support ?
Nvidia is trying to make HQ movie smoother while i can't even watch an LQ movie !

When i say "i", you can replace by "a lot of people", because this is not an isolated case, and the "RegistryDwords" workaround is not working anymore.

This can be fixed really faster than developing the vdpau support.

The fact is, developing something new (i mean that ati does not have yet) is more important than the customer satisfaction.

I can understand this, but what else can i do except being angry ?

EDIT > Actually, even scrolling a webpage is not smooth
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