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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce 9800 GTX" thread

Hey everyone,

I am a relative newb when it comes to the internal guts of PC's. I just made a put together with a friend of mine and here are the specs:

Interl Core Duo CPU E8500 @3.16 GHz
4 gigs of ram
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 Up to date

I am running to 19 inch LCD Acer monitors.

Here is my issue:

Everything in normal windows works fine. Photoshop app and rendering apps like 3ds max are all sweet. The trouble occurs when I play a video game. I am playing Sins of the Solar Empire and Sid Miers Pirates. Each of these games has the same issue. The game loads up fine and I get going in the game fine, everything seems normal. Then sporatically the graphics freak out like the skin textures completely screw up. The only thing that fixes the graphics is to Windows Tab out back to my desk top then back into the game. The game will behave normally then repeat the issue at varying degrees of frustration. My monitors are running at 60hz if that makes a difference. I do not remember off hand what power supply I am running but I am pretty certain that it was sufficient for this card.

Can anyone help me? Is it the video card or could it be something else?

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