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Default Q6600 almost got 3.2ghz but need help with voltage

So I've been running my Q6600 B3 at 3ghz for about a year now and no issues at all. So I decided to give 3.2ghz a try. I changed the fsb from 333x9 to 355x9. Windows boots just fine. Prime95 failed on one worker after 18 mins.

Ok, so in the meantime I booted up memtest and left that running for hours... no errors at all.

I checked my cpu voltage. Max is apparently 1.35. I had it set to 1.325 in the bios. BUT everest shows it as 1.26v, same as cpuz. So I upped the voltage in the bios to 1.35. Everest now shows 1.28v. So I installed coretemp. This shows my cpu voltage as 1.325 now. Prime95 failed after 38 minutes. I backed off to 350x9 3.15ghz and ran out of time for running Prime95 but got past 38 mins.

So what do I do now? Should I take the cpu voltage higher? Its set at max in the bios, but no software is reading it as 1.35v. Which should I believe? I don't want to go over the max voltage. So I'm worried about going higher in the bios incase I give it too much. But if coretemp is right, I have a bit further to go. Any advice?
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