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Default Problems on dual booting Redhat and XP

Hi all,

I am currently running XP and i want to dual boot it along with RedHat. I know that i must first partition my hard drive and have space for linux. However i have heard that i must not install linux further than the 1024 cylinder or the BIOS will not recognize it. The first 1024 cylinder is about the first 8.5 GB or so and is not enough space for linux and the stuff ill install later.

When i install linux will it be able to recognize and write on the data on the xp NTFS partition? Can i install linux ANYWHERE on my hard drive and still be able to boot it? Do i need a boot manager or is there some default windows one that will activate itself when i have two OS?

I have already 3 primary partitions (DELLUTILITY, C:drive and some DOS partion) of which none can be deleted. What do i do in order to install linux and have space to install stuff on it? Please help me.

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