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Default Re: Q6600 almost got 3.2ghz but need help with voltage

Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Ah ok... Coretemp shows Vid = 1.325. I took that to mean the current voltage. Good job I didn't keep cranking it up

I assume cpuz is showing the correct voltage then? Unfortunately I didn't check the voltage whilst the cpu was idle. But under 100% load is was 1.26v initially and later 1.28v. I assume if the idle voltage <1.35v then I can safely up the bios voltage to 1.36+ and as long as cpuz never goes over 1.35v whilst idle my cpu is safe?
What is mobo you're running, or better say chipset? Raise voltage to 1.35v (it's safe, don't worry). Ratio with memory set like sync and linked
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