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Unhappy Ad-hoc second monitor problem

I use a Dell laptop - occasionally I have to present something on the bigger screen in the board room, every time I get the same issue - after connecting an external monitor and applying changes (via nvidia-settings) external monitor becomes a number 1 monitor, which I would expect to be my laptop's display. It's confusing, but it gets worse, when I want to switch off TwinView - it does not switch off automatically when I disconnect external monitor; if I switch TwinView off while external monitor is still connected, I get my laptop's display switched off; when I unplug external monitor - I have no way to come back to my desktop other then restarting X.

Is there any way to force NVIDIA drivers to keep laptop's display as a primary one? It is really annoying bug in NVIDIA drivers (or maybe it's not nvidia driver's fault?).
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