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Default Re: Empire: Total War Official Thread

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
Game is a hog graphically. 8400 GS probably won't cut it.

The grand campaign is so HUGE. I couldn't believe it. It's so much more in depth than any of the past Total War games and there's so many nations. It takes like 5 minutes just to get through all their moves when you end a turn.
I think there are ways to speed that up, in previous titles you could tick an option to skip ai movements and push space bar for x2 or x3 times travel speed on campaign map.

I'm currenty working through the independence story man this game is lookin good but even with my rig it sometimes gets into the 10-20fps range, this is with 181.22 driver.

I put the sli load onscreen display and it shows that sli is working but I'm getting the same fps as I was in the 182.8 and .6 drivers so I'm not sure that its getting any good boost from sli. I think we need a driver update, even the campaign map is sluggish it looks good but it shouldn't bog down to 17fps on my rig.
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