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AvgFPS: 15.372624
MinFPS: 5.050555
MaxFPS: 34.000000
AvgFPSRender: 19.689047
AvgFPSSimulation: 70.104492
AvgTrianglesPerSecond: 5122594
MinTrianglesPerSecond: 994074
MaxTrianglesPerSecond: 12156131
AquamarkScoreRender: 1968
AquamarkScoreSimulation: 3506
AquamarkScore: 15372

I dont know why I downloaded it, I have, I dont have DX9 card

accept for the env.mapping on the ships it looks just like the game (only a lot slower) That explosion was Overkill, onpurpose though

and BTW, I couldnt submit the score. how 'bout you?
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