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Default Re: Empire: Total War Official Thread

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Wow... I have no dang idea what I am doing.

This is my first TW game, so I am somewhat overwhelmed. I am digging it and interested enough to learn to play though, which is key (unlike C&C, where I just tank rush and watch things blow up). I started the storyline campaign but realized it was a bit complicated for a noob, so I played a skirmish... and got whooped! Haha...

Gonna take the booklet to work tomorrow.
If you think the Road to Independence mode is tough try the Grand Campaign... The tutorials kind of walk you through the battle modes but don't really teach you any strategies. The Road to Independence story mode is more like a tutorial for the Grand Campaign, which is undoubtably the most complicated part of the game. From looking at the previews I thought they simplified it from past Total War games, but actually it's much more complex, just streamlined a bit. Looking forward to conquering India and cornering the trade there
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