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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, especially when they shell out a lot of money for a product. While waiting for fixes & updates can get very frustrating, people also need to realize that the Nvidia guys likely have a lot of work on their plate and don't just sit here refreshing the forum posts looking for things to create 5 minute fixes for. We don't know what all is in store for the next release. Maybe it's a major update with more deinterlacing options, which not only have to be coded, but tested and bugfixed. Imagine the number of negative posts that would appear if they didn't bother with the testing and bug fixing steps prior to public release!

Nvidia, I'm sure, cares about their customer satisfaction and doesn't intentionally delay driver updates just to screw with us. Give the guys some credit for doing what no other video card vendor is doing... Providing solid Linux support, communicating directly with the user base via these forums, and one of the most valued assets -- being pretty consistent.

Let me finish by saying I've only recently started using Nvidia cards (because of VDPAU and in htpc's) and I'm very pleased thus far. No, it's not perfect but it's off to a damn good start in my opinion and because of my own experience & success, I've recommended VDPAU to many others who nearly all have reported equal satisfaction.

I'll give credit where credit is due and say two thumbs up to the Nvidia guys. Keep up the good work!
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