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Default Re: amd64 multi-core nvidia 8200 freezes

I did go through exactly this procedure a couple of months back. No change.

The problem persists, despite multiple kernel upgrades (including mainline), BIOS updates, changes in kernel boot parameters, BIOS tweaking, upgrades of NVIDIA drivers, disabling of power management and interrupt distribution etc. helps. No amount of logging, serial console usage, or anything else I've tried has showed any error message. The system simply seizes when two cores are enabled and the network is under load.

The problem also appears to exist with the standard nv driver, so I have to conclude that it's not an NVIDIA driver bug.

At this time, I'm assuming it is a hardware incompatibility between the network card (which has a reputation for instability, ever under Windows) the motherboard, and multi-core AMD processor. If it could be diagnosed/instrumented properly, it might be possible to work around whatever condition causes the freeze, but I don't believe it is an NVIDIA issue.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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