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Question status of linux games support

hi there.

does anybody know of a way to get linux games to work? i'm running HEAD (freebsd 8). so the linuxulator code should be the cutting edge. but still all linux games crash with the freebsd NVIDIA drivers.

the only way to run linux games is to install graphics/linux_dri. the port also installs a linux version of (glx)gears. if i anstall the NVIDIA drivers afterwards thus overwriting e.g. the libGL version installed by the linux_dri port (glx)gears segfaults.

what's the actual problem? is the linuxulator still missing some linux syscalls or are some syscalls buggy? it can't be the linux libraries, because they are exactly the same as the one's that ship with the linux NVIDIA drivers.


p.s.: oh...and here's yet another issue. the linux drivers get installed into usr/lib. however all of the id software games have a hardcoded path to encoded which points to usr/local/lib. right now the NVIDIA Makefile checks a few locations (including usr/local/lib) for files like and deletes/unlinks them. probably because it's better to be sure the files only exist in one location and all the libs are the actual NVIDIA version. it would be nice however if the installer could create symlinks from usr/lib to /usr/local/lib. that way the id software games have a chance to find the NVIDIA libraries.
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