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Default Re: Problems with 9300M GS on Sony Vaio Z11

Originally Posted by rfer View Post
Hey everyone!

Good news! I managed to get the nVidia working and even without the need to boot XP first!

Tbh I'm not sure how exactly I got this working, probably due to the changed DSDT I'm using, but did't have the time yet to try without it.

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 alpha 5 and nvidia drivers 173.

So basically now I can use the nvidia right after turning on/restarting the computer. I'm not sure about the battery, but I expect to consume about 1h more instead of using just the intel.

It's really strange that it works for the nvidia but not for the intel...!!

EDIT: Just removed the custom DSDT and now it doesnt work, which I think is great news! So maybe the answer to the Intel is there too! If thats the case its really simple to have 2 DSDT to control each card!

Please everyone, keep looking at the DSDT for the answer!

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