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Default Re: Sticky: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 285 or GTX 295" thread

I got my Asus GTX 295 today.

This thing is huge! I mean, really huge! I had to re-route a lot of cables inside my CM Stacker to make it fit :P

First impressions are

Crysis looks awesome with DX10 at 1920x1200

Every game I've thrown at it it just chews out :P

The only weird thing I've noticed is coil whine during the Crysis intro videos... No whining during actual gameplay on any game I've tried thankfully.

But the coil whine during the intro videos is very, very audible and it nearly gave me a heart-attack...

I've googled about this and it seems its quite common. But why does this happen with Crysis intro videos only???
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