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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Here is the OC I been using without any issues. It is from the batch 3837B317. I already tried running it at 4.2 for kick's by upping the blck, vcore with everything else on auto and memory running at 16xx. It benchmarked and ran ok but after a couple hours of prime it crashed. I have been very content with the speeds it's running at but I do think if I took the time to tweak the bios settings I could get more. Actually to get the OC I currently run at took very little effort on my part and gives me no trouble. Thats why I think I shoudn't mess with a good thing? I have stress tested my setup many times overnight with everything from LinX, Prime, OCCT with no failures. It does seem any higher speed I want to run takes more Vcore.
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