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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Dreamweavernoob View Post
I tried this game but it didnt captivate me. It was lacking in action to make it worth playing. I like the idea of sims but the idea of flying around for pseudo realism (lets face it, if you were stuck in a plane in real life you would be screwed).

Did you try any of the missions? while not thrilling like a combat sim they atleast give ppl who dont sim something to do in the FSX world

For myself i fly FSX as a chillout sim if im looking for action then i have many other sims and games to get my blood pumping but for chilling out theres nothing like taking up a glider with headtracking into the clouds over Tasmainia and letting the VR world and all my stress float by......

Free Alphasim Sikorsky S-55 FSX Native aswell Not a bad little chopper good freeware quality
VC is a bit basic but she flys quite well


BTW not sure if you guys saw this at Avsim but i posted a app id been using to limit FPS/Stutters in fallout 3 there for a guy and ppl are liking it in FSX DX9 even Nick N is giving it the thumbs up! might help if your getting massive spikes
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