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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

I'm currently an owner of two nvidia powered machines. One running Geforce Go6100 and the other 9800gt Ultimate. Both have had their flaky moments (usually driver's don't start, forced into low graphics mode in Ubuntu) But overall, I'm very happy with it. Both are currently running flawlessly in 3D gaming such as Enemy Territory : Quake Wars. I'm running 180.29 with the 9800gt and 3D performance is solid. Ty devs I haven't really explored the powermizer problem because nvidia-settings reports max performance and the correct clock speeds. I hear though that sometimes it lies =S So I'm going to explore the situation this weekend. Is Nvclock more accurate in it's reporting?

Of course the driver is not as optimized/heavily bug tested/stable as the Windows version. It's a matter of staffing. I definitely don't think it's the quality of the Devs. These guys are taking a complicated chunk of hardware, writing drivers for it, and using it in an open source operating system. Stuff happens. Relax people. Calmly file bug reports. Show Nvidia that you're buying GPUs for LINUX machines. To NVIDIA, it's the same card you're purchasing for the same price. The only way Nvidia will up staffing is showing that the drivers are meaningful to an increasing market. You have to show them successes and failures in a professional manner in order to expect the same back in helping to solve your problems.

I know one particular person who has difficulty with his 9500gs. Can't get the drivers to start correctly. But he fails to send in meaningful bug reports. Just rants. Got him nowhere. So act reasonable people!
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