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Default Re: I have the best wow GM ever

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
This guy who runs my guild is hilarious in vent. He talks like the onnyxia wipe animation guy, their voices sound similar. Anyways here's a soundboard of some of the stuff he says, if you like the onnyxia wipe animation you'll like this:

Note "hells" on several of the buttons refers to a guy named hellsmage who we invited to the guild as a joke, and we drag him along to several raids just for the express purpose of making fun of him.

One of the buttons is him telling me to get in there to tank some trash (my toons name is Rakeesh.)
I would go nuts if i were in a guild like that with some megalomaniac douchebag screaming insults at people,you should kill the little ****er.
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