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Default Re: wooot system done have a look

ok guys i want to tell u the temps now and wat iam doing

yesterday i added a small 80mm fan to the front of the psu (bottom) to help with air flow(its behind the HDD)

now i have pumped up the speed of my card to about 65% and the resutls are like this

on idle it stays at 47C and when at load it gives me a 55-62C(not beyond this)

now i have yet to use AC as well and i think after using it my temps shld go down by 5C i hope but even if they dont i dont mind

also are these temps good coz i have no idea about temps and u guys cn guide me better

dodger1 thnxs for the link (excellent read)

EDIT: also guys i was thinking of buying a 750W corsair psu

so wnana ask will this psu be usefull for atleast 5 yrs and will work on heavy cards like HD4870x2 or sli of 295 gtx

i really was into buying 1000W Coolermaster but every1 on other forum said its a waste and suggested 850W model but iam from india and the importer told me he only has the permissin to import 750W model and no other person can also import this model

so u guys think for my high end system will this psu be able to handle my sli or crossfire needs for future?
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