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Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX View Post
ok so i have a few questions regarding win 7 do i need specific drivers for all components on my Gigabyte GA-EX38 motherboard like sound ethernet chipset?

or is it only my PC HD4870 i need drivers for or do the "ordinary" 9.2īs work like these vista ones i have?
Yes, you will want to install updated drivers (in compatiblity mode to ensure they install) the included drivers are quite old. For my board it had drivers from 2006 and I was having some ethernet related crashes. Once I installed the latest intel chipset drivers, sound and NIC drivers I haven't had a problem.

Installing the latest drivers should be something you are doing in Vista too though, as most the drivers in Vista are old as well and the ones are windows update arent usually the latest either.

Make sure to install drivers in compatibility mode and run as admin. The intel chipset drivers dont install if you don't do this. Until we get true W7 drivers I'd suggest doing this.
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