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Default Re: wooot system done have a look

The Corsair 750TX is an extremely popular PSU that a lot of people are using with their dual SLI/Crossfire setups. The output of this PSU is:


The 750TX's single 12 volt rail might, or might not, be sufficient to power a dual gtx295 sli setup but I know it will power a dual gtx260 setup; which imho would be my #1 choice for your rig. So you might end up with an expensive, very heavy, paperweight in the event it won't work with a dual gtx295 sli setup. However, I do know that the Corsair 1000HX PSU is on Nvida's approved PSU list for gtx295 sli's.

Corsair 1000HX output:

+3.3V@30A, +5V30A, +12V1@40A,+12V2@40A -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@3.5A

Here's a link to the Nvidia SLI certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies:

Nvidia always errors on the cautious side of the equation, so I'd say that it would be a "fairly" safe bet that any PSU that has at least 80A, on the 12v rail(s), should be sufficient to power any SLI setup, provided it's from a respected manufacturer.

Of course the safest bet would be to use a PSU from Nvidia's approved SLI list and in that regard, I can't think of a better PSU then the Corsair 1000HX.

In summary, I'd go with a dual gtx260 sli setup and get the 750TX. That setup should keep you happy for ~ 3 years and save you a fair amount of $'s over a gtx295 sli setup.

Sorry for being so longwinded.

BTW, your temps are fine and once you get your A/C up and running they should be even lower and don't forget, you can always turn the fans speed up.
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