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Default Re: wooot system done have a look

thnxs man ok then ill buy the 750 and will upgrade with another card in 2 mnths or so

back to the temps i wanted to ask that after i have switched on the AC the temps are like 40-41 on a fan speed 55% do u guys think i shld keep this much fan speed coz it really helps in lowering the temps to not exceeding 65C when iam gaming with L4D

also are my temps good or shld they be better?

or are my temps very good plz answer coz i dont really know

and thnxs for the info coz i also dnt think i cna afford 295 sli setup and also the 1000W corsair is 2 damn expensive so yah i dont wanna buy a psu that expensive

will decide upon 1000W cooler master or corsair 750W any more advice on a psu is really welcome

i could use some info if u guys wanna share

UPDATE just switched my AC on and my temps are as follows

not to sound like an egoistic but i was just searching google and saw this reveiw of HAF 932 and was reading and iam getting better temps i think than they are after my AC is on

and here are my temps just check them out and tell me wat u guys think

temps now are on idle i will post load pics tomm and tell me is working on 55% fan bad? or i can use watever speed i want

also can some1 tell me which temp is for the mobo and overall of the case?
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