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Default Re: I have the best wow GM ever

Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
Those are the best GM's to have, just as long as he never takes anything too damn seriously. But I know what you mean, especially cause he sounds like that Onyxia guy like your saying. I probably would never stop smiling at least hahah!
Yeah lol if he took it seriously he would probably have kicked the guy named Wrectal from our guild who made that soundboard. In fact one of those buttons is him making a Freudian slip saying soundboard when he meant to say something else while he was talking about the same time that guy Wrectal was talking about making another soundboard of him (this one is the second one.)

Originally Posted by DaveChambers View Post
When I was in Titan, our GM was dead serious in everything he said and took raiding just as seriously as you would a professional job. The guild progressed great, usually around 5th in the US, but I got sick of it after a while and left.
I used to be in a guild that was more progressed than this one, but it wasn't nearly as fun.
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