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Default Awesome OC with new memory!

Well today I decide to goto Micro Center and take my tour... right as I walk in I see some OCZ GOLD 4GB (2GB x 2) PC 8500 (1066) DDR2 on sale for $54.99. I figured at that price... why the hell not. I could now have 6GB combined with 2 of my 1GB sticks of RAM just for ****s and giggles. So I buy the RAM, but just to test I decide to only run to two stick I just bought in my system and see if I can OC my CPU past 3.15GHZ (to which it's been stuck at forever). So just for the hell of it and without any hope of it working I instantly set my settings to 402 x 9 for 3.63 Ghz on my Q6600 and just left my CPU voltage on Auto. To my complete surprise my system booted right up at 3.63 Ghz!! Keep in mind, I could never get past 3.15Ghz no matter how high I set my voltages. Needless to say I am very pleased. After about 4 hours now of tweaking I have found my sweet spot to be 3.5Ghz (390x9) @ 1.4325 Vcore in the BIOS (1.392V actual / 1.34V 100% load). Temps are about 63C under full load and that seems pretty acceptable to me! I was able to get 3.63 Ghz stable but it required 1.475 Vcore in the BIOS and under full load it was running at 69-71C which was to hot for my liking. I am pretty damn happy about my purchase today needless to say! I have the RAM running at a 1:1 ratio at 4-4-4-12 on 1.95V. Hope to make note of performance increases later on after I have a good 12 hour Orthos run proving stability.
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