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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses View Post
Thanks, I am struggling here.

Tried Jakup's tutorial over at, and some similar ones for 3.8-4.0 on air, but can't get it to boot Vista.

Mostly I am getting stuck with the warning beep over and over at post code F3-68-69-C1, or I just get a continuous loop from F3-68 over and over.

This is a bit more complicated than socket 775...

At stock voltage, I have 3.6ghz stable on OCCT... would sure like to figure this out...

*cough lee63 cough*
The F3-68-69-C1 is a memory code.... had that on my first X58, I ended up RMAing the board.

You have six sticks of ram "right" if so, try three for now and use the green dimms... see if that helps.

Also try this guide I found more stability staying away from the 20 multi.
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