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A good question.

In DX9.0 partial precision mode or DX8.1 mode, I'm guessing the performance will be similar to the 5900 when AA/AF is off, but noticably lower than the 5900 when AA/AF is turned on.

In DX9.0 full precision mode, it's perfomance will likely be noticably lower than the 5900 without AA/AF, and much lower than the 5900 when AA/AF is turned on.

In all cases, there is no reason it shouldn't exceed the 5600 ultra in any circumstance, and if you plan to run HL2 in DX9 Partial Precision mode without much AA/AF you should be fine. Plus HL2 is going to run on xbox (p3-733 with gf3/4 hybrid), you will definitely be able to run it smooth, even if not all options are on.
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