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Default Re: I have the best wow GM ever

My guild has done 3D but I never participated in that.

Personally I mostly just raid to get gear for more PVP. PVE is too scripted and easy. I've been offered to go to one of the best raiding guilds in the US but its on a low pop server so world pvp would be kinda sh*tty, so meh. Besides that I've been solo ganking the alliance so much in their capital cities that pretty much all of them know my name now (or so some of them tell me anyways.)

If my guild spent too much time raiding I don't know how much time I'd participate myself. Right now we clear all wrath raid content in like 3 hours so its no big deal. Ulduar will be more involved no doubt for like the first week or two, but it'll be worth it since it means more gear for more pvp.
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