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Default GTX280 temps, should I be worried?

Hello everyone,

I know that there is a sticky about GTX280 overheating but it seems that no one is looking there anymore and second my temperatures aren't THAT extreme. But still I am a little worried.

My Gigabyte 280 is idling around 47-55C tops. While playing games it is around 78C, sometimes lower.

There are only 2 games that made it go over 80C. The first game is Crysis with custom maps and tweaks – never gone above 83C. Second game is Empire: Total war which easily makes my card go 84C (but not above) on the campaign map!

Are these temperatures normal or not? Or in other words, I know that the lower the temp the better, but should I be worried?

I use RivaTuner to monitor my temps. I have launched FurMark for a few minutes and my card went to 86C (fan started being loud) and temp dropped by 1C to 85C and shave tayed at that level.

Everything is at stock clocks, I have not modified any fan speed in RivaTuner (I’m scared that when I set it to 100% or something, my fan will die very fast).

Please don’t be rude to me, as you can see I am no expert in hardware things. And sorry for my English as it is my second language.

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