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Default Kubuntu Intrepid TVout - Black Screen on Separate X Window - Twinview Works

Hello forum members,

I need help getting TV out working in Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid with KDE 4.x and using the latest Nvidia display driver 180.29 (downloaded from their web site) and the GeForce 7600GT graphics card.

Twinview mode works great but when I use the separate X window mode, all I get is a black screen. While the screen is black, I have a mouse cursor but the cursor is in the shape of an x instead of a mouse pointer. I also get a quick glimpse of the Nvidia logo right before the black screen appears.

Everything shows up fine in my computer monitor.

I performed a full system upgrade to see if it is a bug that had been fixed but it did not help. I am now using kernel after the upgrade.

I could not post my xorg.conf and X log because they reached the maximum word limit but I will gladly post them once I can figure out how.

Can anybody help me resolve this?


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