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Default Re: Awesome OC with new memory!

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Awesome dude, now that you have some headroom. Have you tried 425x8/1.425 vcore @1063 on the mem? If you try it make sure to do mem bandwidth and CPU benchmarks I bet 425 will scream.
I have not tried that yet.... the problem is that will probably take more voltage than I am willing to accept on the CPU to achieve that high FSB speed. At 390x9 its already using 1.4325 Vcore in the BIOS. I have some room left with temps, but I don't want to push it to close to an unsafe range of operation on temperature. Whats great about my current OC is that the CPU is the only thing that needs extra voltage. I am running my NB at only 1.25V and my memory at 1.95V (2.1V is the spec). All other voltages are set to Auto. I did however lock my PCI-E speed to 101 to make sure it did not try any weird stuff.

When I ran it at 3.63Ghz I had to increase the CPU voltage to 1.45V (pretty big jump in temps went along with that). You think with an 8x multiplier I could get by at 425x8 with the same amount of CPU voltage? I am willing to accept running the NB at 1.45V and the memory at 2.1V if I have too I have a huge ass fan on my NB.

This is only further proof that the ASUS P5B-D was by far one of the best LGA775 MB's of all time!
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