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Default Advice/discussion - GTX 260

So there is a GTX 260 in the computer right next to me, it says in GPU-Z that it's the 216 core, 55nm version. The temps seem okay, as well as the OCing - about 15% over stock.

I'm just a bit unclear about the model number of it:

It is an XFX GX-260N-ADEF, googling that does not bring up anything too definitive and still leaves me wondering. That is because the only other model number that I can find is GX-260N-ADFF.

From having googled GPU-Z SSs the texture fill rate also seems to vary... by a few GB - the SSs from google have higher numbers, even with slightly lower clocks at times... :S

Here is a GPU-Z SS just in case:

EDIT: here is also a photo of a slightly unusual box, or at least its smaller than the ones around the net appear to be:
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