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Default Re: Advice/discussion - GTX 260

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I heard some companies were just going to switch to the 55nm versions from the 65nm without saying anything because the 55nm version is cheaper to make.But you would have thought that they would at least say it is a 216 version .They probally still have a bunch of boxes that just say what it did when they first came out,and just trying to get rid of the extra boxes.Well at least if you thought you were getting the 192 version or the 65nm version ,you got a better deal.
Nay, it does mention the 216 cores on the side of the box. As far as a better deal, I guess so - at least it turned out to be the 216/55nm version as there was not anything too descriptive in the description of it. I queried a few times though and they appear to have made it a bit more clear, thankfully!

So now I just want to know what is up with the model number... it appears on some "obscure" computer stores, mainly in Europe. Saw one in a Russian language store too.
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