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Default Re: Awesome OC with new memory!

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan View Post

When I ran it at 3.63Ghz I had to increase the CPU voltage to 1.45V (pretty big jump in temps went along with that). You think with an 8x multiplier I could get by at 425x8 with the same amount of CPU voltage? I am willing to accept running the NB at 1.45V and the memory at 2.1V if I have too I have a huge ass fan on my NB.

This is only further proof that the ASUS P5B-D was by far one of the best LGA775 MB's of all time!
Yeah dude you are going from 3.5 to 3.4 Ghz. Your Vcore could be lower then your current 3.5. I would give it a shot if its not stable you can always go back but I bet it will do fine.
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