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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

I voted "YES" because:

(1) on my machine powermizer causes X to freeze when scaling the frequency down. Something as stupid and mundane as scrolling in Firefox (yes, in the year of our lord 2009 the driver apparently needs to overclock the video card to handle this) and then idling for a while will cause this. I have tried multiple kernel/Xorg/nvidia-drivers combinations, always the same result (at least Xorg 1.4 and 1.5, kernel 2.6.25->2.6.28, nvidia-drivers 177.xx->180.29). I've even started a thread here but I got no replies. Only fix for this was to use the "RegistryDwords='PerfLevelSrc=0x2222'" trick (in modprobe.conf, xorg.conf didn't seem to work last time I tried)
(2) my system will actually spontaneously enter suspend-to-RAM mode when using OpenGL-intensive applications - reproduced with WoW running in Wine but also with something as simple as glxgears. While this may be caused by my card being somehow faulty it does only happen in Linux, Windows isn't affected by this problem. Again, I've posted a thread here (complete with output attached) but got no response. I suspect this is somehow caused by Kernel ACPI/PowerMizer interaction. The only way to work around this was to disable suspend-to-RAM support in the kernel - not a "Good Thing" (tm) considering my system is a laptop.

At least I'm happy that I can now use KDE 4 properly - it feels amazingly 'snappy' on my mobile 8600 GT (the first time I tried it on my desktop 8800 GTX I got less FPS than in Crysis). I just wish Nvidia were more open about what goes on behind the scenes and give us updates more often.
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