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Default Re: status of linux games support

Originally Posted by arundel View Post
oh sorry. i guess i forgot to say that when i wrote /usr/lib i actually meant /compat/linux/usr/lib. my bad.

i installed 180.37 a few minutes ago. what happens when i try to run quake4 is that i get the following error message:

ERROR: SDL_GL_LoadLibrary failed: Failed loading /usr/local/lib/ ELF file OS ABI invalid
so it seems quake4 looks for in /usr/local/lib. the linuxulator translates that path to /compat/linux/usr/local/lib. since there's no in that path the linuxulator then looks in the actual path (/usr/local/lib). there it finds the freebsd version of however since that's not the one quake4 needs it outputs the error message i've posted above.
Although it probably does not fix the segmentation fault, you can try the patching I added to the linux-ut port to remove the /usr/local/lib that is hard-coded into the binary. Look for the section concerning "Remove /usr/local from ut-bin lib search path" in the Makefile.

I still get a segmentation fault, but at least the program is dying on the correct library.
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