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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Well after playing for a couple of weeks, I think the game is fun but I'm disappointed into how seldom I run into other players in the game. I'm grinding through PVE content and I'm at level 27 and I've run into less than a dozen other real people in the game! Funcom may have done a server merge but it seems like they need another one!!

If it continues like this, I'll definitely go back to Lord of the Rings Online. There were always a ton of people around to group up with on that one. I'm still enjoying playing it as a single player RPG but I won't pay $14 a month for a single player game... I'd just as soon play The Witcher again or pick up Drakensang for a single player experience.

That does bring up one gripe I have with the game. The spotty voice acting. Sometimes characters are voiced when you interact with them and sometimes they aren't. Makes it feel VERY strange when you interact with non voiced characters as it seems like they are mute or something... They should have went all or nothing on the voice...
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