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Default Re: 9800GTX+ crashing, hardware or software?

Well I've been trying to get directx to work in my windows xp vmware image today and so I'm going to have to install a driver. It must be some problem with OpenGL like you said since it's working fine so far with the nv driver(which doesnt support 3d acceleration).

After some searching, this is the link to supported ETCH nvidia cards for 1.0-8776 driver:

As you can see from the above link, our 9800 gtx is not on the supported list (I know thats not the same driver), but maybe that has something to do with it? I know I installed my graphics driver on etch before I upgraded to lenny (when I was getting the freeze before I had to reinstall).

This link is for "if you dont use ETCH" (hopefully that means if you use lenny or sid), these are the supported nvidia cards for 173.14.09 driver:

9800 gtx is on this list and now that I reinstalled and upgraded to lenny, I'm going to try the 173.14.09 driver. I'll report back if I have trouble. EDIT: I'm going to try 180.29 :/

Update: while writing this I tried this script from the nvidia site to check which version i should run:

It told me this: "Uh oh. Your card is only supported by versions ulterior to 173, which were only packaged in experimental." So it looks like im going to have to install the driver from sid? I'm new to linux so I hope installing the sid driver on lenny wont mess anything up.

Sorry for all the links :P but here is where I was getting all my info
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