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Nvidia's only hope to save any grace with the Nv3x is to NOT release the Dets 50 as they are now, and put quality back at the levels seen in Dets 45 (which still is no where near ATI quality, but at least it isn't as horrible as Dets 50).

As it is, Nvidia seems completely willing to sand-bag it's users with horrible graphics quality just so they can get the speed crown, and they do this in hopes that the average user will not know a thing about the utter lack of quality their $200-400 card is putting out. That type of uninformed user will automatically think that they are gettig the correct graphics output, considering the amount of money spent

It really is quite disgusting how far Nvidia seems willing to push this just so they can have more FPS in any given scenario over ATI.

Of course, maybe Nvidia feels that there is no way their top of the line cards should be losing to ATI, so it's only fair that they raise speed at all costs.
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