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Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
They did a pretty good job on the water, trees and sunlight, but the ground and some of the other objects could use a little work. Here is a screenie of the sunset.

I think this guy needs some military training though. Takes him forever to load the gun and bring up the scope. He also could use a tripod for how badly he aims.

One thing they did do justice for is the gun. I cringe every time I shoot the thing. It sounds more beastly than the barret does in a lot of games. This could be a pretty sweet game for a free one. One thing that they have over MMO type games is there will probably be less cheaters on something like this.

How often do you go hunting? You don't ram ammo in as quickly as possible- that makes noise and is likely to spook the animal you're stalking, if the sudden and fast movement of ramming the rounds into your gun doesn't do it. Secondly, most hunters start out without a bi-pod or tri-pod for their rifle. And most hunting rifles weigh a fair bit more than your average automatic rifle (larger caliber, .308 or .30-06 vs. .223 for example), hence why the guns weigh more and are more difficult to hold steady when aiming.

I prefer the approach of realism this game seems to have. That said, I've yet to play, but based on what I'm hearing it sounds pretty good. If you enjoy hunting IRL it sounds like you'll enjoy this game.
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