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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Wow awesome shots from everybody!

If you have some cash to burn feast your eye on this:

Those are NickC's shots of the new IRIS Vulcan. IRIS actually bought the model from Milviz, like RealFlight did with their Hellcat, which is a good thing as MilViz has been modeling for a long time and makes some of the best there are.

The problem with that approach, I feel, is that you've got guys like RealFlight that think they can buy a nice model, throw the rest of the plane together, use the community as beta testers, and make a profit. I know not to buy from RealFlight again due to this approach, as the model is the only good thing the RealFlight Hellcat has going, but IRIS has been in the payware businesss a long time, so I trust their work on the apects other than the model.

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