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Default Re: vdpau problem - can't play 1080


Sorry for my delayed reply.

I have an 8600 GT with 256mb ram.

Using 180.37 and current svn from an hour ago compile playback is good, very very low cpu utilisation on my old single core amd sempron. No artifacts.

I have compiz turned off.
Following the last comment, I've disabled kwin desktop effects (kde 4.2.1 compiz equivalent) and the film in cause it's being rendered smoothly, with very low cpu usage. However, with desktop effects turned on, there is a very high cpu usage and the rendering is very slow.
Is this a known issue?

In comment #3, it looks like you're simply running out of video memory for that clip. Googling implies that it's a level 5.1 clip using 16 reference frames, which if true is probably why.
So this is a normal behaviour for this kind of file?

Please post a link to the file and some information about your hardware and drivers.
nvidia-bug-report.log is attached to my first post
My gpu is a 8600GT with 256M.
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