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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Wow thats looks nice,i always loved the vulcan i had it as a model kit as a kid and it took forever to paint about a week after i finished it my bro smashed it off the ceiling little ****!

I like the stuff i have from Iris although they can be a bit slow to patch stuff btw we have one of there Flightmodelers on team with the Goose Redux project over at Ozx she's only worked up a few betas atm but already it flys 10 times better than the default,cant wait to get you guys some updated shots of the goose were working over the VC atm and its starting to come together real nice

Love that edited Crepuscular rays shot Nubee! i did get a hacked up shader running in FSX once but it ran at like 3 fps hehe maybe i shouls ask the FSWC guys if they fancy having a crack at it after they finish up FSWC+

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