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Question need advice on OCling gtx 260 216 (sparkle)

hey guys as u know i have the sparkle gtx 260 216 cores or as in the sparkle way i have the gtx 260+ card ( the 2nd one in the pic SXX260896D3S-VM)

now i was about to start ocing this beast and wanted some advice

ok now the default settings are according to evga precision are
core clock 576
shader clock 1242
memory clock 999

now i just ocled the card to 600 core clock and the temps were like max 55C when i played for 5-10 min

i got like 20-30 fps increase mayb

iam also not using a after cooler for my cpu or gpu and the game was very stable

i wanna ask is that shld i try to oc wat aspects of my card?

also shld i overclock everything or only core?

any other help or advice is also welcome

iam really a noob at ocling so plz guide me how to this

also i have an air conditioner in front of my case and when i switch it on the temps go down by 5-10 C

any adivce?
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PC Specs: Core2Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz ,Asus P5N - e Sli ,Sparkle GTX 260 216 cores(55nm),500gb x 2 HDD,22" Lcd Screen,Corsair 750W,Cooler Master HAF 932 Case,1 gb x 2 kingston Ddr2 667 mhz Ram
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