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Default Re: Cryostasis Full Version Thread

Originally Posted by Ywap View Post
I have a 8800GTS 512 over after an upgrade, maybe itīs worth installing?

Itīs possible with a motherboard that doesnīt support sli right?

And will my psu be able to handle both cards?

Well the simple question is, WTF havent you allready done it mate haha.
Of course you shuld as you will benefit from it very much, I get much better fps in this game as I said and the other physx game Mirros Edge, so just do it and your in for a treat

So no problem you dont need a SLI mobo, I myself only got a P-45 DS3R and that aint SLI eaiter!

I think your PSU will be fine, I upped to a Corsair 1000W as my Corsair 520W struggle when I set it under heavy load. as yours is 620W and also Corsair it's gonna be enough I think

Test it ASAP I think you will love it!
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