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Default Re: Is it worth it to get back into wow?

V3rn, well I am surprised you didnt find much new in 2 hours.. but then solo questing IS solo questing. It can be a bit of a drag but it was quite fun the first time through imo. Wotlk easily makes questing your main form of gaining xp (ie.. finishing a quest takes little time), but still managed to take about the same amount of time as BC did. I know alot of things during leveling were enjoyable thanks to being able to use all the new skills and talents given in the 3.0 makeover (not to be mistaken with the LACK of skills given out from level 71-79), and 3.1 is introducing even more goodies.

If you have the skill, you should obviously have an advantage in pvp if you lack gear... but it would be stupid to think skill can completely absolve your from gearing up and you can bet your ass there are people out there who are both skilled and incredibly geared. Also alot of classes power in pvp have been increased, so you can't just ignore any one class now.

Warhammer prolly does do pvp better, but wow does have alot more people.

Guild wars, if you truly are an rpg fan you should own this. Theres no monthly fee and its a damn good rpg game. You may even dig its awesomly balanced PvP. But if gearing up is your thing then pass. Theres not a whole lot of room for customization aside from coloring yourself, and equipment stats are pretty level accross the bored. There is no buying uber armors to makeup for skill in this game, pvp is ALL skill. It still has many players and guilds thanks to the little bonus of never losing subscribers, but its popularity is on the downswing.
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