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Default Re: Is it worth it to get back into wow?

hate to break it to you vern, but that wasnt skill at lvl 60. WoW is a fairly bad example of how to balance an rpg game for PvP. Its better today, and dual spec in 3.1 will allow people who want to pvp to finally run around with the talents they want and not effect their PvE game. But in classic azeroth, classes were clearly cookie cutter like, with some classes, hunter being one of them, being fairly over powered. Those were the days eh? When hunters could aim shot you for almost half your health while stealthed, and rogues could kill you while you crouched over stun locked.

It appears the more blizzard balanced classes, the less you could take advantage of the imbalances. If this is the case, I would stay far away, for 3.1 brings pvp talents to trees once saught to be PvE only like warrior/prot and priest/holy. Arena should be very very interesting this season.
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