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Default Re: Is it worth it to get back into wow?

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
It appears the more blizzard balanced classes, the less you could take advantage of the imbalances. If this is the case, I would stay far away, for 3.1 brings pvp talents to trees once saught to be PvE only like warrior/prot and priest/holy. Arena should be very very interesting this season.
This season is more about what bracket you play in. In 2v2 I play feral druid with my partner who is a resto shaman, and where we're at (around 2100 rating,) 90% of the matches we have are against holy paladin / death knight (varying specs) or holy paladin / survival hunter. They can drag on for-f*cking-ever unless you are a double dps comp because paladins have 301 ways to avoid a cc lock and they'll never run out of mana. Seriously half of the matches we have are like 35 minutes long and not much happens in them.

3v3 is interesting because the advantages that paladins have don't mean so much if you do a high burst setup with decent CC, which isn't hard to get. I play feral druid / holy paladin / survival hunter, I've also done feral druid / resto shaman / unholy dk, and feral druid / mutilate rogue / resto shaman. Here its way more about proper CC timing because your healer can't just faceroll you to the top. I'd like to do 3s more but so far every team I've formed hits like 2100 and then one of us leaves for whatever reason so I have to find somebody else.
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