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Default Re: need advice on OCling gtx 260 216 (sparkle)

Originally Posted by paras View Post
4th test

core 756

shader 1512

memory 1152

fan 80

no error for 38 min in ati tool temps did not go above 60

also tested on furmark for about 20 min and no error

u guys think i shld stick with ths or shld go higher?

i will post snaps tomm mor
I would take the Core down to 700 if i was you as 750+ is abit to high for long entensive gaming.

shader at 1512 seems fine

memory @ 1152 should be around 1250 Max as ddr3 can be oc'ed realy nice if you have fan runing at 80 dont go over that though 1250 as its max it will go, If you can push volts up on memmory on card you could overclock it more to over 1300+.
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