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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I don't believe it works that way. You're stuck with it the way it is.

For example, my RCA STAV-3970 lists the db output, and it's range (volume) is from -94 all the way up to "0". It can only output 100watts per channel. It is only capable of going just so loud, have so much volume- then it can't go any higher.

The same will be for any amp/receiver. You're pretty much at your limit, I don't believe there's anyway to "unlock" anything... as the manufacturer would have had to have locked something first to begin with. And they usually don't work like that, to my knowledge. Though I could very well be wrong.
All the number means is the amplification/attenuation (attenuation if negative) of the source sound. -94 is the quietest because it is attenuated by 94 dB. 0 is no attenuation or amplification. So it will be however loud the source is. Mine will actually go up into the positives up to +20 dB.

I highly doubt there is a "code" you can put in to unlock greater ranges and it is determined by the actual components in the amp. The amp will be rated to a certain wattage, and it can't go over that or you'll fry stuff.

If it's not loud enough for you, you can either buy a new amp and use your existing speakers (see what the wattage rating is on them first, so you don't blow them with the new amp). I kinda suspect that they designed the whole system to work together so the speakers are most likely matched to the amp (ie if it can output 80W/channel then each speaker is probably rated at 80W). So getting a better amp won't do anything but blow your speakers.
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