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Default Re: GeForce GTX 295: Going, Going......GONE!!!

Originally Posted by Maverickman View Post
Yeah, it is that Charlie D article at The Inquirer. I knew someone would figure out the source sooner or later. It does make some sense though as the GTX 295 is getting harder and harder to find and the going price for one is now over retail. Remember the 9800 GX2. That one went out the door very fast. we may see something similar with the GTX 295. Still, this card is way better than the 9800 GX2.
Chris Ray has already addressed this at Beyond3d, Nvidia was unprepared for the success of the GTX295, 285 and 260(55nm) cards with the price drops. CD at the Inq as always is nothing more than a tool and clueless.
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